Pool Rentals

These 60 minute pool rentals provide use of the teach and main pools for one to four groups (max 20 people for 'private' rentals and 6 people per group for semi-private rentals).

  • 👨‍👧 Swimmers under the age of 8 must remain within arm’s reach of an in-water caregiver at all times. Swimmers who are unable to swim a full length of the pool and/or swim in water that is chest deep or deeper must remain in shallow water.
  • Climbing wall and slides are available for use; pool toys are not. Swimmers are welcome to bring their own clean toys from home for personal use.
  • Parking is not included.
  • NOTE: If you would like to book a rental or birthday party in the future (further than one week out) please email welcomedesk@MacEwan.ca.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be in writing 3 full days before the rental date (the rental date is not included in the 3 days). Email welcomedesk@MacEwan.ca to cancel (please provide date/time/activity). No refunds will be issued after this deadline.

Schedule - 24 Sep 2021

24 Sep 2021
Information: No classes within that range.