Fitness assessments conducted by one of our exercise professionals will help determine the proper workout program you need to achieve your fitness goals. Assessments performed at the start of a client's program can be used to track progress and increase motivation. These assessments are divided into four categories: body composition, cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility.

  • Sessions expire 1 year from the purchase date.
  • Please call 780-497-5693 to book your assessment once purchased.

Body Composition Assessment

Use your height, weight, circumferences and a seven-site skinfold assessment to estimate your fat and lean body mass.

Baseline Testing for Wellness/Performance - Initial

Meet with a certified Exercise Specialist to create a baseline fitness assessment tailored to your fitness goals. Determine which tests are most relevant to your goals and receive optimal training feedback based on your results.

Baseline Testing for Wellness/Performance - Follow Up

Follow up with one of our Exercise Specialists to check in and re-test your measures to make sure you're on the right track.