Ready-Made Strength Programs

An affordable option for those who want a structured training program. These four-week programs are created by our highly educated, certified Exercise Specialists to suit a variety of training goals. For individualized training, check out our Personal Training.

*Within three business days, you will receive an email with information on how to access the purchased program (it will not be sent right away). If you have not received the information after this time has passed please email Meagan.

Run Strong (3x/week)

Lift to improve your run performance including strength and prehab workouts.

No More Back Pain

This four-week program focuses on core and back strength to help decrease the incidence of back pain and provide protection against future problems.

At Home, Full Body Workout (3x/week)

This progressive four-week program is designed for anyone, beginner to advanced intermediate, that just needs a little help structuring their workouts.

Full Body Booty & Core Builder (3x/week)

Each workout emphasizes volume in the glutes and lower body to help increase muscular size and tone, while helping you to improve core strength.

Full Body Balanced Workout (3x/week)

This program is designed get larger muscle groups and maximize your efficiency in the gym, targeting out larger movements and utilizing supersets and circuits to hit increase the efficiency of your workouts.

Complete Workout Upper Body Focus (3x/week)

The focus of this workout program is to elicit more muscular growth for the upper body while putting lower body development onto maintenance. You will find your upper body becoming a little more beat up, while your lower body is maintained or grows at a slower pace.

Barbell Basics (3x/week)

This four-week progressive workout program is aimed at refining technique in Squats, Deadlifts, Presses and Pulls. At the end of the program, participants will learn and master the basic movements that utilize a barbell so that they may add more exercises to their arsenal.

Tactical Fitness (3-4x/ week)

A program built for those pursuing a career in law enforcement/corrections or currently employed in law enforcement/corrections.