Personal Training

Our nationally-certified Exercise Specialists are: Educated with university degrees in physical education, kinesiology and sport/exercise science; Certified Exercise Physiologists (CSEP-CEP) or Certified Personal Trainers (CSEP-CPT) through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology; Certified Strength and Conditioning specialists (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Once purchased, please call the Fitness Desk at 780-497-5693 to schedule.

NOTE: These services expire one year after purchase date.

Program Design

The first session (30 min) is a comprehensive consultation and short movement assessment used to create a personalized workout program tailored to your goals and skill level. In session two (1 hr), your trainer will walk you through each aspect of your program so you can tackle your goals with confidence.

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Personal Training - 5 x 60 min

Save money and see more progress by registering for 5-session package. Save even more by working out with two family members, friends or co-workers and share the cost with a group session.

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Personal Training - 10 x 30 min

Don't have a full hour, get more shorter training sessions by signing up for 10, 30-minute workouts.

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Personal Training - 10 x 60 min

Save even more money and experience greater gains by registering for 10-session package. Split that cost with two family members, friends or co-workers and train at a fraction of the price.

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Personal Training - 20 x 30 min

Spread out your training sessions with 20, 30-minute sessions with an expert instructor.

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